Surprise! The geese had goslings!!! Here are some pictures I took of the happy family:

Lately I have had the good fortune to observe Sandhill Cranes and Canada Geese in action. They have been checking out the ponds on our farm. The geese in particular have been enjoying swimming in the ponds, and the Sandhill Cranes have been merely onlookers.

I was able to get pictures of both kinds of beautiful birds:

Sandhill Crane & Canada Goose together

Sandhill Cranes getting ready to fly

Sandhill Cranes in flight

Canada Goose

Canada Goose preparing to flap wings

A pair of Canada Geese

Happy Birdwatching!
All photos copyright 2012 Farm Girl Rosie.

A very sleepy Gracie

I've been working on knitting a scarf for our Whippet puppy, Gracie, and it's coming along very well. I am using a special kind of yarn, as you can see from the picture, but it's harder to use than you'd think. If it's not handled just so, it can get messy. The good part is, the fluffiness of the yarn covers up most of the mistakes. J Just kidding. It's really not looking so bad. I think Gracie will look nice in it. While she was sleeping yesterday, I measured her neck to see if the scarf would be long enough. She hardly noticed. J

Lately I have been reading three books about gymnastics. They are called Dominique Moceanu: A Gymnastics Sensation (1997); Shannon Miller: America's Most Decorated Gymnast (1997); and Kim Zmeskal: Determination to Win (1995). They are all written by Krista Quiner.

Each book is highly entertaining and provides a good look into each gymnast’s life. Often I have found that biographies of gymnasts only discuss the meets they competed in, but these books are more interesting and give you a better picture of what the girls were really like.

Another gymnastics book I have enjoyed is Going for Gold: 2008 U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics by Leigh Olsen (2008). It discusses each of the best gymnasts from the time right before the Beijing Summer Olympics. This book is wonderful for fans who want to learn about each of the 2008 Olympians, the alternates, and the gymnasts who almost made the team.

Happy New Year!

I'm pleased to announce that Farm Girl Rosie has a new look for 2012. I have created a new blog header, and I plan to begin posting more regularly during the winter months. I will be posting book reviews, updates on projects, and much more. I'll also be writing about my favorite sport, women's artistic gymnastics, especially during the Summer Olympics.

Thank you!
Farm Girl Rosie