I am so thrilled about how my projects did at the county fair last week! These are the results:

1. Poem about horses (1st place)

2. Poster on wildflowers (1st place)

3. Knitted pillow (3rd place)

4. Pencil sketch (1st place)

5. Crayon picture (1st place)

6. Story sequence of 5 pictures (1st place)

7. 5 pictures of animals (1st place)

8. My best photograph (1st place)

9. Another poem (1st place)

10. Poster on my top 10 favorite books (1st place)

11. Book review (1st place)
My book review, on "Katie John," originally appeared on this blog.

12. A display showing project work (1st place, and Best of Show!!)

My display was of the ribbon bookmarks I make. This was the description I gave for my display, along with the bookmarks I set out:

For my self-determined project this year, I've been making ribbon bookmarks.

To make my bookmarks, I bought velvet ribbons, clamps, and jump rings from online shops. I constructed them by cutting out about 10" of ribbon and then attaching clamps to each end. I did this with pliers.

Then, I collected vintage charms and fastened these onto the clamp by using a jump ring, and securing it with the pliers.

I showcased my bookmarks at the Land O' Lakes Art Impressions show on July 23rd. I sold a few, and it was an interesting experience.

Thank you!

I'm really happy with how well my projects did. I look forward to entering more at next year's fair.

I finished my county fair projects yesterday. This is what I ended up doing:

1. A poem about horses
2. A poster on wildflowers
3. A knitted pillow
4. A pencil sketch
5. A crayon picture
6. A story sequence of 5 pictures
7. 5 pictures of animals
8. My best photograph
9. Another poem
10. A poster on my top 10 favorite books
11. A book review
12. A display showing project work.

I am pleased with how my entries turned out!
Ooooohh.......the county fair is August 13th. I'm not ready yet!! :)

I plan to work on my various projects today. My goal is to finish every single project by August 10th. That gives me just a little over a week . . . . can I make it?

I'll keep posting updates on my progress. I hope I can reach my goal. Fingers crossed! &